zondag 13 februari 2011


Since my last blog stuff happens. First I had to give up my studio space in the centre of Maastricht. That suck because now I have all of my stuff at home and therefor lost my room I used to do my analogue printing in. It is full of darkroomstuff now. Wich I can't used because of the volume of it.
My birthday came and went. A memorable one because my dad got hospitalized that day. He needed surgery on his throat artery. That happened the day after. Luckily everything went OK. Two days later he was back home again.
On a good note is that I got a Fuji mini instax. Pretty happy with that one. Two weeks after it's arrival I went out to get some batteries and now I am waiting to have money to buy some Mini Instax film. The torture!

O yeah although it was staring me riright in the face I just realised I got a new enlarger as wel. A Kinderman 4x5. Complete and in working order. Cool huh?

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