maandag 23 april 2012

As promised here a photoseries about how to clean a Fuji Negative. I'm sorry it is a bit late. First of all you need to shoot a Fuji FP100c when done save the negative. Now it begins. You tape the negative emulsionside down on a piece of glas or some other smooth surface.
Make sure the edges are sealed tight so no bleach can get underneath and eat away at the emulsion side. Next thing to do is to grab a bottle of thick house hold bleach. Pour it onto the black side of the negative and spread it out with a (paint) brush:
Enjoy the artwork for 5 minutes:
When the bleach has done it its work wipe it away with some paper towel, (unused) toilet paper, a rag or anything that you don't mind ruining forever. I recommend a paper towel. You wil end up with a shiny surface:
What works for me best is to clean it with some surface cleaner:
When those steps are completed it is time to separate the negatives from the glass/smooth surface. On the emulsion side a dried up goo is stuck on the surface. When a negative is scanned in this state the results are cool and scruffy looking. When desired you can stop at this stage. However it is possible to wash away this goo. Even when it is all dried up. You can do this by genly rubbing the goo of under a stream of water. Warm water will dissolve the goo more quickly. But with cold water it works also. The emulsion side is pretty sturdy. Beware if handled roughly it will come off!
When all the goo is gone you end up with a good negative that will good results when scanned. I don't know how it will handle when enlarged but I'm sure with enough fiddling around it will give a good result as well.
Just some last words. When working with bleach make sure your working area is well ventilated. Make sure you work as save as possible.

zondag 15 april 2012

The clearing of a Fuji negative

Now that sounds exciting doesn't it? Or confusing if you have no idea what I am talking about. Well I just want to let you know that I will post my experiences with producing a usable negative from a Fuji fp 100c instant photo. It is easy to do en you get great results. I'll be taking some photo's and explain what I am doing. I also will show the result when the negative is scanned and post processed in photoshop. So keep an eye on this blog. Friday the results will be up here.

vrijdag 6 april 2012

Photo Friday!

It has been a while so here is a Fuji fp 100c photo: