zondag 28 augustus 2011

Developing C41

On request I will tell how I develop my color film. When you want to start with C41 process it helps to have a jobo color processor.

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It will keep the water and chemicals at the right temperature. So you don't have to worry about that. You really need a roll of exposed color film and some chemicals. I have used the Tetenal 3 bath color kit. It has a color developer, a combined bleach and fix bath( blix) and stabilisor. I have also a color temperature meter. It can measure temperature up to 0,1 degrees celsius. With these materials you can develop C41. The tetenal kit comes with a good manual and is easy to follow. The first step is most critical when it comes to temperature. It has to take place within 0,5 degrees of the 38 degrees celsius. The other two steps are more tolerant. This is for the Tetenal kit. I don't know about the other developing brands. In this setting it takes less time to develop two rolls then with black and white. This is because you don't have to wash the film afterward. I have good very good results with it:

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What I have heard is the a seperat fix bath and bleach bath is better for the archival properties. However if you plan to scan the film afterwards it shouldn't be a big issue.

maandag 15 augustus 2011

Monobath 3

So I decided to scan the negatives just before going to work. As you can see below they look pretty good but you can see some stronger development near the sprocket holes. What I did is developing them at 22 degrees Celsius for 8 minutes. Afterwards I let it wash for 15 minutes. I probably did something wrong but I have to have a look into that. Probably I didn't agitate enough. Normally I do that every 30 seconds but this time i was a bit more careless. For now I am pretty pleased with the results.
O yeah the film that was used is Polypan F 50 iso.

I scanned these images using a minolta dual scan 3 with vuescan software. No other alterations have been made.

Van Monobad PanF

Van Monobad PanF

zondag 14 augustus 2011

Monobath 2

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These are the ingrediensts I put in my monobath. Below the way Donald Qualls worked out to get good results:
16 ml HC-110 USA concentrate
50 ml household ammonia (ammonium hydroxide, probably 5% solution)
10 ml Ilford Rapid Fixer concentrate
water to make 256 ml

Mixed by adding most of the water to the HC-110 concentrate, then ammonia, then fixer, then remainder of water to make up volume. Heated to 75 F in an external hot water bath.

I read about it here and here.

I will try it out tonight I think. Will be continued.


After scanning the last couple of days i feel like i should something darkroom related. I have been eager to try out the monobath process. Last friday i got the last ingredient so i will be mixing up a batch this evening. But first i have to work till 5 pm. To be continued....
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maandag 8 augustus 2011


So besides going to the flea market I also decided to develop 7 rolls of color film. I like developing color film because it is sooo easy. I have to say I have a Jobo color processor which makes it a lot easier. It takes roughly 15 minutes to make one run. And since I can develop 5 rolls at a time it took me (including hanging up the film up) about an hour to have them ready and clean all up. You don't have to worry about which developer to use or washing for half an hour to get rid of the fixer. After the stabilizer it is simply a matter of hanging the film to dry.
I still have some films to do but the will be done later this week.

zondag 7 augustus 2011

Flea market

Today I went to a small flea market. I love going there, always hoping to find the jackpot. I didn't find my jackpot (a good graflex press camera) but I did find a really nice Polaroid 1000 camera with a polatronic flash.

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I also found a Olympus pen ee-2. I already had one but this looked a bit better. Both cost me 5 euro's each. Made my day.

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zaterdag 6 augustus 2011


Below are 2 photo's of my darkroom. Currently I am in the process cleaning it out so I can put my new enlarger in there. Will it fit in there? Yes barely but it should work and I will have a nice little space to print some photographs. But first the cleaning needs to be done!

Van Drop Box

Van Drop Box

Durst L184 enlarger

This is my new toy. Now it is in storage.
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