maandag 28 februari 2011


Nothing to say today.
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Nothing to say today :-)
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zondag 27 februari 2011


Today when i came back i passed this house. Since i was thinking about a subject to photograph i decided this was it for today.

I spend today outside in the rain taking photo's from people in the rain. There was a childrens parade in Steijn. Good fun but to but of the rain.
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zaterdag 26 februari 2011


Today a photo of plastic boxes. I bought them because i am still cleaning up my house and especially my darkroom.
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vrijdag 25 februari 2011


New day new photo:
Van Drop Box

Lunch with Dennie. Chatting about gadgets and stuff and having some good (really unhealthy) food. Good fun always nice to meet up with friends.

Lately I started organising my negatives. I had no system and the where pretty much all over the place. Last month I went to someone and there I saw an elegant system for combining the analogue world with digital world. I decided to do that myself as well. I started with my large format negatives. I don't have to many of them so the task seemed less daunting. Numbered the pages and negatives as seen on below photo.

Van Drop Box

The information on there I then transferred into a spreadsheet. With extra information, if known, about shutter speed, aperture, date shot etc. To developing times and used developer etc. I also wrote down what is on the photo so I can do searches on that too. Now I am busy with my medium format stuff. That will keep me busy longer. I have shot a lot more medium format then large format. The biggest batch I am saving for last. That would be my small format negatives. That should keep me busy for a couple of months. I want to organize all my 35 mm negatives I shot during my life. And that is a lot. However I will start with my black and white materials. The rest I can and will do later.

donderdag 24 februari 2011

24-2-2011 shoe

My pic of the day. It's a shoe! This is part of a pair of course. Thing is the other one has been in a plastic bag for 2 years now. That one needs to be fixed. My goal is to have done this year. Sad i know but i do keep up with the things that really matter
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dinsdag 22 februari 2011


You gotta love this date. Anyway today a new photo from my hand. After a long time the sun was out again and since I didn't have to start working untill 16:00 hours I decided to grab my Instax camera and my Calumet c400 to go out and take some photo's. Except some 4x5 negatives I also made some expired Polaroids and a mini Instax.
The following setup produced the Polaroid below:
Van Drop Box

Van Drop Box

If the negatives turn out to be as good as the Polaroid I will be very pleased. When I have developped the negs I will of course show you the results.

maandag 21 februari 2011


Flowers at Aveve in Maastricht:

Van Drop Box

I really like this film. Nice fresh colours. I will buy a lot more of it and then I need to get to know the camera really well. I think I can keep up with this for a while!

zondag 20 februari 2011

20 feb 2011

With this uninspiring titel I open my new blog. It is time for two new instax photo's. The first is a dimly lit room in the Valkenburg museum where the Image Club has an exposition. Actually the room was very bright indeed but I forgot to adjust the lighten darken switch so therefor the photo is quite dark. I am still getting used to the least that is my excuse. The inspiration for this expo is Charles Eijck. A local painter who lived in Limburg during the 20th century.
The photo's you see on the wall are made by Dick van Nierop.

Van Drop Box

The second photo is also made in the museam. It represents part of an farmicist from the 19th century.

Van Drop Box

zaterdag 19 februari 2011

19 feb 2011

I am still looking for a way to run this blog. At the moment I am leaning to make it a Instax/Polaroid/Impossible a day blog. But I reserve the right to change my mind at anytime.
So on my way back I got some gas for the car and made a little detour along the Belgian border from Veldwezelt to Vroenhoven. These are the 2 Instax Mini's I made:
Van Drop Box


Van Drop Box

This last picture does have detail in the dark area's but it might not show on the screen.

Tonight I am going to take photo's at a carnavals party somewhere in Limburg. Make an extra buck so I can invest it in my business.

vrijdag 18 februari 2011

Drop Box

Van Drop Box

Today I picked up my first two boxes of instax mini. Above is the first photo shot with it. Nothing special of course but hey if you have waitied for so long for it you have to shoot with it no matter what. So what to do with the rest of the 19 photo's I have left. Well need to think about that one and then start shooting. Maybe I'll do an instax a day for the rest of my life or something. I don't know yet.

Below packaging of the Instax mini:

Van Drop Box

dinsdag 15 februari 2011


Lately I have been cleaning out stuff. I got rid of 6 enlargers and I put some stuff up on the dutch version of e-bay called marktplaats. Latest addition would be the Krokus Enlarger 69. Nice thing but I don't need it anymore.

In the meantime I keep hoping for an affordable darkroom so I can do some serious printing when I want to.

zondag 13 februari 2011


Since my last blog stuff happens. First I had to give up my studio space in the centre of Maastricht. That suck because now I have all of my stuff at home and therefor lost my room I used to do my analogue printing in. It is full of darkroomstuff now. Wich I can't used because of the volume of it.
My birthday came and went. A memorable one because my dad got hospitalized that day. He needed surgery on his throat artery. That happened the day after. Luckily everything went OK. Two days later he was back home again.
On a good note is that I got a Fuji mini instax. Pretty happy with that one. Two weeks after it's arrival I went out to get some batteries and now I am waiting to have money to buy some Mini Instax film. The torture!

O yeah although it was staring me riright in the face I just realised I got a new enlarger as wel. A Kinderman 4x5. Complete and in working order. Cool huh?