About Darkroomninja


It is about time to tell a little bit about myself. My name is Peter de Groot. I am a freelance photographer from Maastricht the Netherlands. I started with photography in a serious manner about 5 years ago. It felt like coming home so I wanted to do more with it. In july 2009 I started as a freelancer. That year I also started with analogue photography again. I played around with black and white and developing it on my own after careful research on the internet. I really enjoyed getting results and to have to think before shooting.
During that year I spoke with someone who was about to graduate from the Academy of Photography in Hasselt (SASK). That inspired me to get my basics in photography in order and I started that very year in Hasselt. Now I am in my third year.
I enjoy trying out new stuff, doodling around with new camera's and have some good fun with instant photography.
So how did I come up with the name Darkroomninja? When I go in my little darkroom at home I dress up in black clothes and since ninja's also wear black clothes I came up with Darkroomninja.

Kind regards,

Peter de Groot