zondag 15 mei 2011

15-05-2011 Mishandled PX 680 twice!

14-05-2011 Self portrait



11-05-2011 Boef and garbage

Instant photo's

My first shot with the px680 Impossible film. Nothing special here test shot so to say.

09-05-2011 The Impossible factory Enschede

Today I went to the Old Polaroid factory. It is now in use by The Impossible Project. Those guys took over the plant a couple of years back and managed to created a good looking black and white film and a very nice color film. PX680. Today they had a couple of tours through the plant for which you had to enlist via e-mail. Of course I realized it too late and all tours were fully booked. Since I was in the neighborhood anyway I decided to go anyway because I had a broken sx-70. I wanted them to have a look at it. At the same time I asked if there was a spot left on the tour. Luckily for they could squeeze me in. So I enjoyed the tour. Too bad my camera was broken beyond repair but I left it there and got two packs of their new film. You will see the photo's a bit later. All in all a good day indeed.

Film assembly machine:

Bits and pieces of the 8x10 machine:

Testing the new film:

08-05-2011 Old tower in my hometown Losser.

War memorial:

07-05-2011 Mom

06-05-2011 One of the three hamsters.


Instant photo's

Living statue in the Grote Staat in Maastricht:

03-05-2011 Lovely morning


A real bad foto of three cages with rescued hamsters in it. If you look closely you can see it.

zondag 1 mei 2011


Today a quite day. Nice weather but despite the sun a bit chilly sometimes. Cold enough not to notice the sunburn that is forming on exposed skin parts.

In case if you are wondering if I went to france this weekend. No this is in Maastricht as wel.

30-04-2011 Koninginnedag (Queensday)

As you can see a couple of days are missing. That was April. As of today I will miss no more days. With the exception of running out of film. But then I will have still Polaroid, Impossible Project or Fuji FP instant film. So No more excuses for me!

Anyway today it was Queensday in Maastricht as well as in the rest of the Netherlands. I went there in pleasant company and had a great time. Watching people, buying books and enjoying the sun.



Icecream parlour Luna Rossa. The best Icecream in Maastricht:

And these are the books that I bought from a fellow photographer Ted Daamen.

Can't wait to start reading them!