zondag 15 mei 2011

09-05-2011 The Impossible factory Enschede

Today I went to the Old Polaroid factory. It is now in use by The Impossible Project. Those guys took over the plant a couple of years back and managed to created a good looking black and white film and a very nice color film. PX680. Today they had a couple of tours through the plant for which you had to enlist via e-mail. Of course I realized it too late and all tours were fully booked. Since I was in the neighborhood anyway I decided to go anyway because I had a broken sx-70. I wanted them to have a look at it. At the same time I asked if there was a spot left on the tour. Luckily for they could squeeze me in. So I enjoyed the tour. Too bad my camera was broken beyond repair but I left it there and got two packs of their new film. You will see the photo's a bit later. All in all a good day indeed.

Film assembly machine:

Bits and pieces of the 8x10 machine:

Testing the new film:

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