vrijdag 25 februari 2011


New day new photo:
Van Drop Box

Lunch with Dennie. Chatting about gadgets and stuff and having some good (really unhealthy) food. Good fun always nice to meet up with friends.

Lately I started organising my negatives. I had no system and the where pretty much all over the place. Last month I went to someone and there I saw an elegant system for combining the analogue world with digital world. I decided to do that myself as well. I started with my large format negatives. I don't have to many of them so the task seemed less daunting. Numbered the pages and negatives as seen on below photo.

Van Drop Box

The information on there I then transferred into a spreadsheet. With extra information, if known, about shutter speed, aperture, date shot etc. To developing times and used developer etc. I also wrote down what is on the photo so I can do searches on that too. Now I am busy with my medium format stuff. That will keep me busy longer. I have shot a lot more medium format then large format. The biggest batch I am saving for last. That would be my small format negatives. That should keep me busy for a couple of months. I want to organize all my 35 mm negatives I shot during my life. And that is a lot. However I will start with my black and white materials. The rest I can and will do later.

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