maandag 28 maart 2011

28-03-2011 My little cart 3

Last photo of my little cart and camera. Beneath that A few photo's I made yesterday in the darkroom.
Van Instant photo's

The following photo's are try outs. It's a tree (duh!) but I processed them in different ways with two different papers. I developed two in Lith developer. The lith developer was old brown from somewhere late last year at room temperature. Well that was the plan. The first photo is on Orwo paper of many years old. It showed after two hour just slight signs of a photo. As I expected I finished it in normal paper developer.
Van 4x5 Calumet c400

The second photo is printed on normal Ilford MGIV paper. This one went into the Lith developer for 30 minutes. After that time there was clear development visible but then it stopped so I also finished this in normal paper developer. I really like this one. Unfortunately the scanner doesn't do justice to the photo.
Van 4x5 Calumet c400

Third photo I developed in normal paper developer only. Amalco AM3003. This time I tried to solarize it. It didn't quite work out they way I wanted. Perhaps the light I used was to weak. However there is a difference with the last photo.
Van 4x5 Calumet c400

Last but not least. Normal everything:
Van 4x5 Calumet c400

Again my scanner really doesn't do justice to the photo's.

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